Monday, December 3, 2012

MediaOcracy- Picket the Complicit Media to the Power of Ten

Picket the Complicit-Media

Proof Positive that you can't "I'm not watching" and think you are going to see change....they don't care about ratings or profits..they are communist agenda DRIVEN..owned...

NBC loses Ratings - Gains in Influence as Obama is Elected with their help

  Time to get PHYSICAL....emails, phone calls, won't do squat, diddly, or otherwise....
The Media Strategically understands

"If a tree fell in the woods and no one was there to hear it (or report it) DID IT really happen? (see Benghazi)

March on the Media,
demand Truth be reported ONLY...Demand or be, talk, talk, talk, and more talk..

Media needs to be "embarrassed" before they will RE-act...this is what "they try to do to usA" often and all too often for fear of embarrassment we do stupid things in order NOT to BE embarrassed...human nature liberals use...our

I explain how the "power of ten" works
KVOA in Tucson  Friday, join me...

Idea for your signs...which one do you like?

1. The News please RELEASE the Narrative you proclaim ownership..

2. Check your EGO’s and Present THE NEWS

3. Media = Anti Tradition, Anti-Family…

4. Magnifying falsehoods…ignoring truths

5. Abuse of the First Amendment

6. We are NOT the Minority…we ARE..thanks to YOU, the SILENCED majority….

7. Media Journalism... or Government Relations?

8. Pro big government / crony capitalism …against we the people Capitalism

9. The stock market is NOT the economy, stupid.


11. Spending over savings promoted

12. When MEDIA Lies…Liberty Dies…

13. Public Relations for the Government NOT a Protect of the People..

14. Protect and Serve ONLY “We the People”…

15. Why do you call our Law Enforcement COPS?

16. Who died and left you boss?

17. Why do you use street jargon instead of Proper English?

18. Why do you act as Investigator rather than Challenge whose job it is to Investigate?

19. If it doesn’t MATTER…why does MEDIA make it MATTER

20. Putting WORDS in OUR mouths NO more…

21. Revisionist History STOP it…END IT

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  1. High Noon at the AZ Capitol!
    January 16, 2013

    God Bless America, and Keep Us Whole and Free!

    Thank you for all you do, Tony