Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 8 .2/13/14 KVOA, NBC-Tucson....Picket the the Power of Ten

Never more than ten, always at least one..  Day 8...not pumped up am I ...I wrote the date wrong on my day 8, huh?
My 4 minute audio clipDay 8 protest recap
Now going on two months, I'm straying away from 'every ten days" only available days outside of weekends which is not worth doing yet....are Wed and Thursdays.

On weekends no one but a skeleton staff is working.  My intent is to use the same tactic on the Media that Media uses on US all.  Embarrass.

So far what we been seeing is, as thought out in my one pager, mad as hell is the understanding that the tact used will be to ignore us.  Like a prank phone call in the middle of the night, simply hang up, and don't fuel the fire.  I know, however that Relentless tenacity will prevail.

We see the executives as they come out and as if their head was prevented from turning they do not look at us...but what they do do, is hide behind the bushes and peek at us....I love for some of the other employees...we have been getting the thumbs up.

We found a few friends coming in off Oracle rd as they see the signs leading them into KVOA.  Much like the development of a new planet orbiting in the Universe,, one by one smaller orbiting asteroids and the like become part of this 'new" planet one by one.....
On Thursday, Feb. 13 was the eight day...and we're not stopping..  Our goal is simply have every major media outlet IN THE COUNTRY with NEVER more than TEN always at least the beginning you will see those who we confront view us as simply a fly in the kitchen, annoying but not troubling.....YET.....what we WILL BECOME will be more like a hornets nest at your beach picnic.

Let me explain HOW this will work

Thanks to Jill, and Sherry and Mike from Sierra Vista and John....recently met....all Patriots.