Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Picket Media Day 16, Tucson's NBC-kvoa - You're IN Public View Picket Album...lots of pics from various days

Day 16 ...My 5 - 11am -2 pm...the goal? Never more than 10, never less than ONE. Not stopping, others joining.

To Demoralize We the People enemies employees. These low level employees will be reminded on the label to describe someone who COMPROMISES their principles for the sake of MONEY, and to be accepted in the IN Crowd.


The AGE of Imposition - We Impose you accept...
The 6pm NOT news NEWS hour

6:05 News that isn't
6:10 Sports
6:20 School Shootings
And finally
The Whether you like it or NOT!


Fast and Furious

It is my aim to DEMORALIZE those who demoralize USa by design. I have been snapping pictures of the employees and their license plates.

The Media employees don't know they don't know they are helping the Marxist cause by helping the Obama admin to take America Down.  I will educate them....and I will shame them...even when not possible....

Of course this will irritate them..

it takes Tenacity (not a city in Ten)

Event link
no more than TEN (the power of ten) no less than one....7 more needed....Me, myself and I make for the first three....join me....your help is needed....

Picketing is ACTION, boycotts are NON-actions. (when not reported did NOT happen...see trees in the woods....

three minute clip in front of tucson's nbc-kvoa day 16 minute clip of NBC-tucson day 13

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