Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Determine / Remain your friends

Put the test to rest....ask...your "friends" ONE simple question..."Who do you have more regard for...Thomas Jefferson or Karl Marx"  OUR Friendship DEPENDS on it...


  1. I don't know about you, but I do know about me...and "yours truly" could never, would never be friends or even friendly to a Karl Marx lover or someone who disrespected Thomas

  2. Thomas Jefferson all the way....I even live in Jefferson City, MO named after the great American Patriot

  3. Liberals have no room in my life...I love America and have such respect for those that wrote our Constitution. So many gave their lives for our freedoms. I will fight to the bitter end to keep those freedoms for our next generations.

  4. I do believe Liberals are simply those bad folk who wish to do as they wish with no Moral imperative. To accomplish 6 becoming 9 one has to gain POWER from those "plastic fingers wave at me" while I wish to hang my "freak flag high" do this I must be the ONE to be IN that I....can the my life...the "Way I want to."

  5. Bill Whittles it down to This....

    This is UP-Lifting....10 minutes....GrrrrEAT stuff...

    "We don't believe our own Story" Re; Conservatism...

    "It's the Culture, Stupid."

    To be Popular more important than being Right....?

    One of Bill's Best Speeches....

    This Essay written by Bill in an Essential Whittled Down America...