Friday, November 23, 2012

Liberal or simply a Practicing Perv?

"So you're just another practicing perv!....see ya later" 

Liberalism, "practicing pervs" just "code" for Perversion-ism.....or Perversionism...Makes so much more sense now(tv)

from the post
But what is truth? What is perversion of truth?

In defining truth, words such as honesty, accuracy, factual, and impartial come to mind. Closely associated with truth are the words integrity, reliable, and trustworthy.

Perversion takes us in the opposite direction – corruption, falsification, misrepresentation and distortion.

 Most of us, when we are asked to describe the mainstream media, would use words such as biased, slanted, and one-sided.
It isn’t hard to see how similar these words connect to the meaning of perversion.

Time to March on the vs walk....

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